About Me

Nassim Ghrayeb is a self-taught photographer and bread baker living in Toronto.

While my trade is in fine art photography, photography is and has always been a mean through which I've explored my sensibility and sensitivity in relation to the world and people around me.

It is a journey of exploration and individuation, and more often than not an expression of feelings, thoughts and sense of connection.

I do not confine myself to one medium, I allow the subject to dictate the means through which I capture it, so you will find images that were created through digital cameras, through medium format film cameras and utilizing scanners to turn 3 dimensional objects into 2 dimensional ones.

I do all my own printing because I believe that printing is the other side of the same coin as making the image, and while my routes and techniques were developed in traditional dark rooms, I currently use a large format professional printer to deliver archival quality prints that will stand the test of time and the elements.