Buying, collecting or decorating with photography - some basic criteria

Just because you may not be in the market to spend thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) to buy art from established well known artists, it does not mean you can't find and buy original and unique art that appeals to your taste, aesthetic and the desired look and feel you want for your home.

That said, this does require some effort to seek out work which will fulfill whatever criteria and budget you've set out for yourself.

I've been collecting art, and art books for over 30 years, and my tastes and budget has evolved over time, however, somehow the collection still works, and I've not yet got rid of or regretted a purchase. That said, I'm what you might call an appreciator rather than an art investor, I'm often looking for work that will enhance my living space that I can enjoy rather than worrying too much about the value of it and how that will grow. In arriving at this mindset, I've eliminated the pain of worrying about whether the art I buy is a good investment or not, but at the same time, my budget is fairly limited, so I only spend on art I will enjoy having.

My criteria for collecting art is simple:

1. What is maximum I can afford at any given time

2. Does it fit with my sense of what is aesthetically pleasing to me

3. Does it evoke an internal dialogue for me, be it emotional or intellectual (or hopefully both)

4. Does it make my living space a more enjoyable one to be in

5. Do I have space for it (no point getting work that is going to sit in storage)

I will typically pick 2-3 pieces a year, I don't often plan these purchases, but I'm always on the look out, whether that's online, in little galleries on my travels, pop up art events, or even street artists when I'm out on my daily walks.

Art is something that should be part of our daily lives, one more way our lives are enriched, I put it on the same level as having good food, going out to places I enjoy, travel around the world and even being around people who I resonate with. 

I'm no "expert" at what good art is or isn't, but I do know what I like and what I resonate with, and that is a muscle we all have and should exercise regularly.